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Share your story!

Share your story!


We'd love to hear from you.

Although we come from all over the nation, as alumnae we have the Girl Scout Leadership experience in common. We share great stories, lively songs, life-long friendships and a very special sense of community. We welcome you to share your stories about your Girl Scout experience for all to enjoy.


See below for Girl Scout Alumnae memories! Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or click here to share your own!

It is with great regret that we must say goodbye to one of the oldest living Girl Scouts. Oma May Warwick (1914-2011) passed away on the weekend of February 22nd. We wish her family the best and will always cherish the hard work and dedication she showed the Girl Scouts over the years. Click here to view Oma May's obituary and a brief biography on her life.


My mom saved money all year to send me to Camp Mary White each summer in the early to mid 1970s. She knew I needed the break from my four older brothers! The first year, our counselor showed us how to make fresh mint tea from the plants growing in a little stream. She encouraged us to take a piece of mint to plant at home, where it flourished. When I moved to go to college, I had a pot on the windowsill with some of the mint for awhile. In 2010 my mother died, and I discovered that her garden was still full of the mint I had gotten at GS camp. I now have some of it in my own garden. To me, it represents the continuity of Scouting.

Maria Ehlers
Deming, NM


How has Girl Scouts impacted your life?

 Besides the friendships and anew relationship with my parents (working together as adults) I learned more about teaching than in all my education classes. I had the opportunity to earn a Curved Bar and to go on special interest activities (archeology studies in the field). I attended state and national conferences. I became an Air Scout in 1957. From this I became a Civil Air Patrol Member working with search and rescue. I worked in Canada and Jamaica.


 Is there a special or funny story you would like to share about your experiences with Girl Scouts?

 I argued the possession of a cook tent with a black bear. I wropped him with a broom before I knew he was a bear. He ran one way and I ran the other. We had skunks walking over us to get water a night while we were asleep. I woke up see a skunk looking me eye to eye. I did not argue about him being there.

Glyndolynn Star
Truth or Consequences, NM


Girl Scouts taught me how to be compassionate towards my fellow human. It also taught me how to care for my planet. I had many wonderful trips and learning experiences earning patches as a girl. I made several life long friends through Girl Scouts and hope for the same with my daughter who is a 4th generation Girl Scout in her 3rd year of scouting (first year Brownie). It's a tradition that I hope continues! 

One GS trip we took when I was a Brownie was to Alamagordo, NM to the Space Museum. We had put potatoes and meat on the engines of the cars to cook our lunch on our trip as a way to learn different ways you can cook foods. On the way there, tarantulas were migrating across the road and you could hear them "crunch" under the tires as we drove over them! As a 1st grade girl, that was gross and sad, but really neat to see all the tarantulas! I have never yet seen so many at one time!

Stacey Melancon-Kenyon
Roswell, NM


In the early 1950s, I started Girl Scouting as a Brownie. My mother (Jo Johnson) took on the task of training a group of giggly girls at Mesilla Park Elementary. I think our troop number was #29. We continued as a group for at least 7 years and friendships were bonded through our experiences. Our leader was especially creative, so we were never bored. We especially learned to appreciate the outdoors and still love coffee can stew (somewhat modified today) and s'mores. 

One of the swimming lessons stands out in my memory. We had to learn to save ourselves. We jumped into a pool with all our clothes on, had to remove our Levis and then tie the legs into knots to make them into water wings to help us float. We all did real good, but our leader wouldn't jump in – she can't swim! Field trips, talent nights, and campfire stories with s'mores will always bring a smile to our faces and let us share these stories with our children and grandchildren.

Thank you Girl Scouting!

Sandra Johnson Johnson
Santa Fe. NM


I wear the pin of a Girl Scout, 

I try to live the law,

I've often said the promise

When life held only flaws.

But it's not the pin or the promise,

Nor just the law I live,

That cause me to love Girl Scouting,

It's the feeling Girl Scouting can give.

You have to live it to know it,

And when the sun has sunk down low,

Sing with other Girl Scouts,

Around a campfire's glow.

You have to plan a cook-out with them,

And have it spoiled by rain,

Then laugh instead of crying,

And make your plans again.

You see it's not the pin or the promise,

Nor just the law I live,

That cause me to love Girl Scouting,

It's the feeling Girl Scouting can give.

It's brought on when you're singing,

Just as loud as you can sing,

And again in the peaceful silence,

When our flag is taking wing.

So it's not the pin or the promise,

Nor jus the law we live,

That causes us to love Girl Scouting,

It's the feeling Girl Scouting gives.

A Girl Scout poem shared by GSDSW Alumnae (Alumnae Homecoming in Las Cruces, NM on November 18, 2010)